A Tour de Force
Private Guided Tours of the Nation's Capital

Here's what the media says about A Tour de Force tours:
  “...many consider Jeanne Fogle to be Washington, D.C.’s most sought after guide . . . Fogle’s tours focus on Washington’s three cities, so to speak: the historic city, the neighborly city, and the monumental city. - Mid-Atlantic Country Magazine writer, Julie Galloway Yanchulis

     “To cover a lot of ground in a short period of time, consider one of the excellent half-day tours by Jeanne Fogle of A Tour de Force. Fogle, a fourth generation Washingtonian, gives visitors an insider’s view of the people, places, and events that have shaped this city.” - St. Louis Journal travel correspondent, Erica Klein

     “We took a super tour with a small company called “A Tour de Force.” Owner/guide Jeanne M. Fogle had an extraordinary number of amusing and fascinating anecdotes.” - Entertainment Magazine writer, Len Lear

     “Jeanne Fogle . . . is among the most knowledgeable of guides. Her [many] years in the business also make her one of the most senior.” - 
Washington Post Weekend Magazine

     “Out of the ordinary is A Tour de Force . . . Jeanne Fogle’s tours can be tailored to suit the particular interests of visitors. She covers all the usual highlights . . . but her dialogue is peppered with inside information.” - Toronto Globe & Mail travel correspondent, Helga Loverseed

     “We discovered more in our day with Jeanne than we thought possible . . . She offers a refreshing view of the usual and unusual city highlights, but also has unconventional neighborhood walks, plus well-researched art, history, and architectural tours through public buildings . . . The best tour we’ve found so far is A Tour de Force.”     - Freelance travel writers Tom and Joanne O’Toole.

     “Like a canny stage performer, she leaves you wanting more. No, forget showbiz. Fogle is a teacher, the history teacher you wish you’d had every year in high school . . . When she lectures, all the essential dates, names, and facts get blended into appetizing little tales and character sketches . . . Though Fogle spends plenty of time talking about buildings, you needn’t be an architecture buff to get immersed . . . her knowledge of local history is vast.”      - Washington Post, Weekend Magazine

     “Beyond the marble and the monuments of Washington, DC lie the flesh and blood stories of the men and women these memorials commemorate. Ask Jeanne Fogle for chapter, verse and footnote. . . . And beyond the corridors of power where today’s newsmakers tread stretch the byways and the neighborhoods of a city where yesterday’s history makers lived. Jeanne Fogle offers tours of the glories and curiosities of the nation’s capital . . . Each tour combines substance and style. The people Jeanne guides are her audience, and her aim is not only to inform but to entertain as well.”   - Occupational Outlook Quarterly, U.S. Department of Labor

     “ . . . years ago Jeanne Fogle made a decision . . . she settled on something she loved: ‘being outdoors, being with people’ and bragging about her hometown . . . Jeanne Fogle’s tours start off with a background briefing on the area, then wanders through history. The way she rattles stories off the top of her head is marvelous and makes you look forward to the next."  - Washington Times Weekend correspondent Jennifer Pinkerton.

    “If you want a serious tour with a serious guide, go see Jeanne Fogle . . . During her tour, Ms. Fogle discusses intriguing old homes, spectacular vistas, unique outdoor sculpture and little-known galleries and museums . . . No matter where her clients ask to be taken, she says, ‘There is no such thing as a standard tour. I try to gear my tours to the needs of the group . . . Ever the guide, she is leading others to her profession.”  - The Washington Times, Washington Weekend Section

     "To satisfy the cravings of those who already know the venerable monuments, D.C. historian and tour guide, Jeanne Fogle, has begun offering an off-the-beaten-path scrounge through the nooks and crannies of D.C. history. Fogle points out that some of the monuments are distinguished by delightful trivia . . . a number of other Fogle revelations concern objects in the category of things you have passed a hundred times and always wondered about."   - Washington Post, District Weekly

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